Best Area To Live in Lahore

Best Area to live in Lahore

People nowadays relocate to large cities in pursuit of better opportunities and to enhance their living conditions and lifestyle. Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi are the three most populous cities in Pakistan.

But which city is the best for you?

Many people choose Lahore over other cities because of various factors. Due to the abundance of parks and gardens, it is often referred to as “the City of Gardens” and is considered the capital of Punjab as well. Moreover, people are drawn to this city by its stunning architecture and amazing ancient artifacts and history.

Furthermore, Lahore is the home to new and advanced luxurious yet affordable farmhouses and business ventures, excellent schools, colleges, and universities, and consequently, provides higher living standards and education. It also features large shopping malls, upscale restaurants, and other top-notch entertainment venues.

As an old Punjabi saying goes “The one who hasn’t seen Lahore isn’t born yet”. To put it simply, if you want to live your life to the fullest, you must experience living in Lahore.

Once you have decided to live in Lahore, now it’s time to look for the best area to live in then.

Below is the list of ideal places to live for you in Lahore:

  • DHA, Lahore
  • Bahria Town, Lahore
  • Gulberg, Lahore
  • Model Town, Lahore
  • Johar Town, Lahore
  • Park View City, Lahore
  • Garden Town, Lahore
  • Kings Town, Lahore
  • Punjab Housing Society

Defense Housing Authority (DHA)
The defense housing society is one of the top areas to live at a reasonable price. What attracts locals and foreigners to this society is its well-managed and well-maintained infrastructure and its wide and clean roads.

DHA is divided into several blocks and sectors, with Phase 1 as its oldest and Phase 6 and 7 as the recent ones, where you can get a variety of houses for rent and purchase. Though the prices here might somehow look costly, it’s the best place for you to live and invest as well, it will be a decision you will not regret in the future because of the rising demand graph of DHA, Lahore in the real estate sector.

Additionally, if you are looking to secure the best place for your luxurious living or want to invest in a place to get higher benefits in near future, it is Autograph a new luxurious project in execution by H&S located near Phase 5 DHA, Lahore.

Bahria Town
One of the upscale neighborhoods in Lahore is Bahria Town. Many people refer to Bahria Town as a separate city because it offers all a city has to offer to its residents. Given that the community provides its investors with so many possibilities and opportunities, it is a residential location that is best to move into if you have a reasonable budget. However, you can find rent houses as well at very reasonable prices, don’t hesitate to move into this town if you want higher living standards.

Moreover, Bahria Town offers a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere to reside in Islamabad and Karachi, in addition to Lahore. It has breath-taking and top-notch infrastructure and is highly secure and safe as compared to other societies in Lahore. Every street, entry, and park has CCTV cameras and is being watched by qualified professionals for higher security standards. Another plus point of Bahria town is that it can be quickly accessed from Canal Road in Lahore.

Gulberg, Lahore, can be best described as a place of luxury, tranquility, and perfection. Given that it is in the center of the city; it is the greatest neighborhood to reside in Lahore. This society promises to supply water, gas, and electricity around the clock for its residents to have a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

18Gulberg must be on your list when looking for the best place in Gulberg. You are going to experience a more convenient life here, for almost anything is readily available nearby for you.

The regions nearest to Gulberg are MM Alam Road, where a variety of brands are offered, and good restaurants as well. Moreover, it is a great place to invest in commercial properties Such as H&S Hotels and One Liberty Mall (OLM) in addition to residential ones.

Model Town
Model Town is without a doubt at the top of the list when it comes to Lahore’s oldest and best-planned residential area covering an area of 1463 acres. This community, established in the 1990s, is home to stunning and opulent residences as well as large parks.

There are not many shopping centers in the area close to Link Road. However, it is a good place to choose if you are searching for a rental home because the rent of houses is not very expensive here. Model Town has 10 blocks in total which provides a wide range of houses for rent and purchase.

Johar Town
It is a society that bears Muhammad Ali Johar’s name, a well-known figure in the Pakistan movement. Similar to Model Town, it is another residential area that is among the oldest places in Lahore. This housing society is in a very desirable location because it is on Canal Road and has a lot of facilities close by.

You must take into account Johar Town if you want to make the greatest real estate investment in Lahore. Furthermore, Emporium Mall and Expo Center are the primary local and tourist attractions places in the area. If we discuss the nearby educational institutions, UCP, UMT, Bahria University, and other renowned institutions are close by.

Park View City
Park View City is the place you should think about relocating to if you are searching for an excellent area to live in Lahore that is yet reasonably priced. This society has 1 Kanal, 10 Marla, 6 Marla, 5 Marla, and even 3.5 Marla plots available for you to move in.

Furthermore, even those with limited incomes may purchase plots and construct their dream home in this housing society. Investment in Park View City, Lahore is like putting your hard-earned money safe and also getting a nice return on your investment as well.

Garden Town
It is obvious from the name, Garden Town, is a location full of greenery and is the nicest to live in. This society is close to Ferozepur Road, which is one of Lahore’s busiest roads. The majority of the residents in this society are upper middle class and salary-based people as well. Garden Town consists of 12 blocks and is a popular choice since it is also easily accessible via Usmania Road and Canal Road as well.

The greatest restaurants can be found in Garden Town, which is in the heart of Lahore and offers a fast-paced lifestyle and top-notch services to its residents.

Kings Town
Kings Town is a different economic society that offers a variety of possibilities and opportunities to individuals searching for luxurious residential or business properties in Lahore. The housing community is approved by LDA and is located on Main Raiwind Road in Lahore. 3 to 5 Marla plots and completely built residences are both available in Kings Town. Consider the government’s payment plans, if you are looking to purchase a home in this society.

Punjab Housing Society
Punjab Housing Society in Lahore is a suitable choice for those with financial restrictions. It is situated adjacent to DHA on Ghazi Road. As compared to the Defense, the roads are narrower and houses are a little closer as well with a little gap in between. You may not find a large yard and garden area in houses in Punjab Housing Society and therefore rents are comparatively very affordable.

Furthermore, you will still be close enough to DHA to enjoy its supermarkets and shopping centers as well.

Some of the nicest and most desirable places to move and reside in Lahore are all mentioned above. All of these societies are LDA approved and if you are still having some trouble deciding which society to invest in, simply visit our website and avail free consultation.

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