Best Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis

Best Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis

H&S Properties, a luxury property developer with high-end constructions in the UAE and Pakistan, has been able to establish its name as one of the best brokers and developers in the country. H&S has many completed magnificent and high-end projects all across Pakistan’s major cities.

But today in this blog we are going to discuss the top safe and lucrative investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors to invest in some of the under-construction and newly launched high-end projects in different cities of Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis have always the desire to at least have a home in their Motherland so that whenever they come here could have a desirable, comfortable, and luxurious home to live in.

H&S, therefore, brings about great opportunities so that overseas Pakistanis could invest in the most lucrative projects either to buy themselves a dream home or to invest in a more profitable residential or commercial development for a higher return on their investment.

Well, you might be thinking why H&S? Let us tell you that right now in the real estate sector of Pakistan H&S is one of the leading companies that has brought many high-end luxury projects with world-class amenities keeping all international standards up to the hallmark.

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For its distinctively high standards of quality and seamlessly integrated residential and commercial luxury developments, H&S rose to fame, becoming a top choice for residents, investors, and particularly Pakistanis living abroad.

With an emphasis on innovation, design, and high standards of quality, H&S has developed a track record for delivering premium real estate developments.

Furthermore, H&S Properties takes a different trajectory when it comes to luxury living and 7-star amenities. Since its inception, it has come to be associated with the highest levels of luxury in Lahore and around Pakistan.

It has also built a brand that stands out from the competition by providing both custom residential high-rises and amenities fit for a five-star hotel, which has helped it become one of the most reputable names in real estate development in Pakistan.

Its dedication to innovation and quality also means that it isn’t hesitant to try out novel ideas, such as Autograph (Crown Jewel of Lahore), which provides luxurious apartments, signature duplexes, and sky mansions in a great Lahore location.

H&S has developed many prominent projects, including Autograph, H&S Hotels, OLM, 18Gulberg, and many more.


Autograph is the first fully automated smart building in Pakistan that offers luxury, convenience, and higher living standards in a very modern and automated way.

If you are a serious buyer and potential investor, Autograph is the best prospect right now in Pakistan which promises a very safe and lucrative investment opportunity.

Smart locks, monitored package rooms, mobile-based video intercom, smart lighting and outlets, gesture control, smart HVAC systems, and other pro-smart residential amenities are among the top-class residential amenities offered by Autograph.

Intelligent energy management at Autograph reduces complexity while providing an unrivaled level of comfort. The best value investment option with a high resale market value and a greater ROI is Sky Mansions at Autograph.

This first-ever smart luxury residential tower has an exclusive library for its residents to enjoy their reading time and let their youngster enjoy their studies and become more productive and agile.

Moreover, among other modern amenities, Autograph offers swimming pools, an elegant event hall, SPA & sauna, a squash court, a dedicated prayer area, in-house laundry, and more.

OLM by H&S

OLM stands for One Liberty Mall and is located at H&S Hotels in a very prime location in Lahore near the liberty market.

If you are a successful investor and you are looking for an investment opportunity that has the potential to pay back 4 to 5 times in return, OLM is the wisest choice for you to invest in and get higher returns in a shorter time period.

Well, 80% of this high-end project is completed and is now in the finishing stage and is therefore the best investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis. Only 20% to book is the best part of this commercial investment, 50% during finishing, and 30% at handover.

Don’t miss your opportunity, since this high-end project will be completed in 18 months to 24 months from now.

Make up your mind and check out the recent changes and further details.


Another elegant and magnificent project by H&S is H&S Hotels located in the heart of Gulberg III, Lahore. This is a 5-star luxury hotel with world-class amenities for local and overseas investors and buyers.

The structure of H&S Hotels is itself a representation of luxury, comfort, and convenience and thus has a very high resale market value.

This opportunity is best for all those overseas Pakistani that want to invest in a property that is going bring a higher rental income or simply resale their unit for higher profit in near future.


Another marvel of H&S is 18Gulberg, a residential luxury development for overseas Pakistani to enjoy a western living standards and lifestyle in the heart of Lahore. This high-end project is a ready-to-move-in project that is a perfect choice for all those who want to reside in their own home only paying a sum of the total amount and enjoying their living.

18Gulberg is located in a very prime location and a family-friendly neighborhood which therefore has a very high resale market as well.

Final thoughts

Pakistanis living abroad have a constant desire to at least own a house in their motherland so that they would always have a magnificent, enticing place to reside when they visit Pakistan.

Therefore, H&S creates fantastic chances for Pakistanis living abroad to invest in the most lucrative projects, either to purchase their dream house or to participate in a more lucrative residential or commercial development for a larger return on their investment.

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