H&S Real Estate to restart operations in China


Dubai-based H&S Real Estate has plans to restart and expand operations in China once travel restrictions due to Covid-19 are further eased.

“Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, H&S Real Estate had a permanent office with a large team deployed in Mainland China. But we had to halt our operations due to flight restrictions. We plan to restart its China operations with a wider presence and team in the major cities of China as soon as travel restrictions ease.” Saad Haq, group CEO of H&S Real Estate for UAE and China regions, said in a press statement.

H&S Real Estate is the official alliance partner and sales agency for Emaar Properties in the UAE, China and in Pakistan. Since 2018, the company offered real estate consultancy and sales advice to Chinese investors and end-users.

“From 2018 to 2021, H&S advice helped bring in estimated AED3bn ($800mn) Chinese investments in Dubai’s real estate sector,” the press statement said.

“China is among the top countries that invest in the Dubai property market. We provide free in-depth financial advice to Chinese investors which helps them choose the right property. We do not just sell properties, rather, we sell investing options, high-yield and beautiful property assets at prime locations. H&S Real Estate is a brokerage and financial house that leads a team of more than 90 multilingual property experts and we have a dynamic Chinese speaking team. We cater to all segments: bulk buyers, mid-size investors as well end-users.”, concluded Saad Haq.

Fahad Haq, CEO H&S Real Estate, said: “H&S is a complete solution for all local and international property buyers. Once a buyer has purchased a property with H&S, we take care of the handover, rental, maintenance and resale.”

Emad Haq, Vice Chairman of H&S Real Estate & Haqsons Group, said: “Global financial intuitions, mid-size investors and single property owners trust the UAE property market more than any other market in the world. Over the years, the UAE government has brought in strong real estate regulations which resulted in a very controlled market. Deliveries and handovers of most projects are on time. Both developers and investors are taken care of and their investments are protected with 100% transparency.”