ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala

ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala: Claim Your Dream Life

Everyone dreams of luxury and comfort. A safe and secure life where your loved ones can thrive, develop and grow. They should have all the amenities, facilities, and conveniences in the world. At the same time, this should not break your bank. To quench the desire for the life of excellence, many take the difficult and painful decision to flee the country, parting from their homeland, and loved ones....

ARY Laguna Gujranwala DHA

ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala; The New Face of Gujranwala

ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala is set to change the face of luxury in the city of Gujranwala. The innovative project challenges all the prevailing real estate norms and concepts. Not only that, it will alter the customer's expectations related to the market. The journey of inspirational transformation begins in January 2022. ARY is teaming up with H&S real estate to effectively maximize reach and...

ARY Laguna Gujranwala DHA

ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala: Where East Meets The West

ARY DHA Laguna, the latest facilities of the contemporary world to Gujranwala. The city with culture, heritage, warmth, and atmosphere is ready to welcome the best from the west. An innovative approach to life will change our perception of comfort and luxury. Furthermore, the project tables a novel idea of affordable luxury. The units are offered at a price that fits customers with different...

ARY Laguna Gujranwala DHA

Is ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala worth your attention?

Yes, indeed. ARY Laguna DHA presents ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala, which is considered the most luxurious, lush, and magnificent project in recent times. With its artificial beach and groundbreaking facilities, ARY DHA Laguna Gujranwala offers excellence beyond comprehension. ARY teamed up with H&S Real Estate Pakistan as its only Middle East Exclusive Master Agency. The two esteemed organizations...

ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala

What makes ARY DHA Laguna ideal for Gujranwala?

The inspiring project with an artificial project finally arrives in Gujranwala. A novel project with fabulous architecture, a distinct ambiance, and modern facilities guarantee a lush life beyond apprehension. Gujranwala is a traditional city with an atmosphere and culture. It has all the best which east has to offer. Fabulous food, cordial people, and excellent weather make the city ideal for ARY DHA...

ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala

What makes ARY Laguna DHA city Gujranwala ideal for you?

ARY Laguna DHA city Gujranwala is a phenomenal project that will craft the real estate market in Pakistan. Artificial beach with mesmerizing views will be something novel in the real estate market in Pakistan. ARY Laguna DHA has appointed H&S Real Estate Pakistan as its only Middle East Exclusive Master Agency. Before Laguna Gujranwala, the two giants collaborated for ARY LAGUNA-DHA Karachi, and...

ARY Laguna Gujranwala

ARY Laguna teams up with H&S Real Estate for ARY Laguna Dha Gujranwala

With the mesmerizing artificial beach, ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala will reshape the real estate market in the region. It is an innovative project offering a unique concept of excellence. Gujranwala is a city with a unique ambiance and lifestyle. The people of Gujranwala are always interested in new unconventional and ingenious projects, making it an ideal destination for ARY Laguna DHA. It is equally...

ARY Laguna - H&S Real Estate Pakistan

ARY Laguna Dha Gujranwala – Coming Soon

The most awaited and inspiring real estate project ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala has arrived at last. Gujranwala, a city recognized for its lifestyle and rich heritage, is ideal for such an innovative project. The paradise of man-made beaches will be launched on January 9, 2022. ARY Laguna DHA Gujranwala will surpass ARY Laguna Karachi in sophistication and perfection. If you envision a life beyond...


ARY Laguna Announces H&S Real Estate as Middle East Master Agency for ARY Laguna – Dha Gujranwala

ARY Laguna is a world-class signature project of ARY Pakistan in the DHA City Karachi. After worldwide success, ARY Laguna has joined hands with DHA Gujranwala to bring another sky-high luxury villas and apartments to the heart of Punjab. ARY Laguna DHA-Pakistan’s First Artificial Beach and Resort Housing Project have appointed H&S Real Estate Pakistan as its Only...

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