How To Evaluate The Resale Value Of A Property?

How To Evaluate The Resale Value Of A Property?

Investment without a proper plan could bring about a bigger disaster in the future when it comes to the resale of your property. Therefore, before going straight to an investment deal just do some prior research and keep some important factors in mind.

H&S Properties will bring into light some of the most important factors that are highly influential when assessing a property’s resale value.

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Location is one of the most crucial factors in evaluating the value of a property in the real estate market. Sometimes it could be tricky as well because the location and property value evaluation are relative.

According to one of the common beliefs “the better the location, the higher would be the property value”.

However, it depends on the type of investment you are interested in and what are your objectives (long or short) for investing in a property.

There are some investments that bring higher returns after a longer time period and there are some that promise higher ROI in a shorter time period.

So you need to make it clear which type of investment you are interested in and if you can’t we have the best expert agents to help you in making your future investment decision.

Thus, once wisely decided exclusive location property investment can result in a game changer deal resulting in manifold returns on your investment.


Another important factor is Neighborhood which is also directly proportional to the value of the property. It means that if the property you are investing in has a very safe and quiet neighborhood with no crime rate, it will definitely have a higher property value.

But again it depends on your objectives and requirements. If you are interested in commercial properties, then you should go for a property investment that is located in the center or near a famous business hub.

Property Orientation Floor Plan and Layout

The third important factor that directly impacts the property value is the property orientation floor plan and layout. The better the property orientation floor plan and layout, the better and higher will be the property value.

Therefore, carefully check out the property’s orientation floor plan and layout in order to have a successful investment.

Again we have to highlight that there are different types of floor plans for different types of properties and thus accordingly they are best suited for different types of investors and their needs.

If you are still unclear about where to invest and which type of floor plan will best work for you, we have a solution specially tailored for you.

The Curb Appeal and Views

The curb appeal of an apartment or property has a high potential to close the deals. If an investor is looking for an investment in a dream home, the most important thing after location would be the curb appeal and the view of the property.

Thus the higher the curb appeal is the higher the chances of closing because the aesthetic attractiveness of a property in itself is a big point when it comes to investment.

Find some of the best appealing high-end projects that are setting and bringing new luxury standards to its residents.

Therefore, when evaluating the resale value of a property, keep in mind the curb appeal, and the view of the property that you are going to invest in.


Amenities play a very crucial role in the evaluation of the resale value of the property. Therefore, before rushing into an investment, check the amenities and facilities that the property offers.

Nowadays, amenities are some of the most essentials factors that can increase and decrease the value of your owned property and the property you are interested to invest in.

Each type of property has its own general and unique amenities that guarantee a higher resale market to investors.

For instance, in a high-rise, amenities like ample parking, private swimming pools, smart automation services, SPA & Sauna, and more are some of the must-have amenities of luxury residences like Autograph, and H&S Hotels.

Final Thoughts

There are more factors to be considered in order to have a property and investment that promises a higher resale value in the future. Learn more if you are interested and want to get the best deal available in the market.

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