Reasons Behind the Decrease in Property Value

Reasons Behind the Decrease in Property Value

Real estate is a popular investment choice among top investors and genuine buyers because it offers protection by keeping your money intact and generating strong returns over time.

Your home or invested property value may drop due to a number of causes and consequently your property may suffer as a result, increasing the likelihood to face a decrease in your investment.

You will find a customized solution by the end of this blog to prevent the decline of your home value or invested property.

You may prevent a decline in your property investment by taking these suggestions into consideration beforehand.

What is the best property investment opportunity right now in Pakistan? What type of property is best for investment and higher ROI? Is it important to invest in a property that has a high resale market? These are some of the important questions that you need to know before investing in any property or in your dream home.

What Causes Property Value to Decrease?

Property investment is considered one of the most expensive investments and therefore it is very necessary for every investor and buyer to think about and evaluate the results before investing in a property.

There are some common and some specific causes behind the fall in property value which eventually results in a loss instead of a profit from your investment.

Following are some of the most common factors that drive down your property value:

  • Location
  • Lack of timely maintenance
  • Extreme personalization
  • Deserted front/back yard
  • Bad/noisy locality
  • Poor exterior decor
  • Lack of garage space


Location is the first and foremost factor when it comes to investment in a property that offers higher value. Most importantly, the location of a property is like a game changer. For instance, investing in a property that is located in a prime location with multiple facilities has more chances of giving back more profit in near future.

However, there are circumstances where you need to search thoroughly to check the areas where there is a chance of infrastructure development in near future. This will consequently help you to invest more since for now the price of an investment will be less but once the neighborhood starts its major infrastructure development your investment is going to result in very higher returns.

Therefore, make sure to check the location and invest wisely. Find the most profitable locations in Pakistan now.

Lack of Timely Maintenance

Maintenance is another crucial element in increasing the value of your property. By this we mean the more maintained is your property, the higher will be its value.

Considering the fast competition in the real estate market, presenting your home in the best possible light is vital to maximizing your property value and consequently your profit. When it comes to apartment living, look for a luxury apartment that is very well maintained and is easy to maintain or the building provides facilities for easier maintenance.

Your carelessness, such as falling behind on maintenance or cleaning tasks, might result in a sharp decline in the value of the property.

Find some maintenance-free residential luxury apartments.

Extreme Personalization

Genuine homebuyers and investors also take into account how much work has to be done while evaluating a house, apartment, or property.

This can entail exchanging bizarre wallpaper, painting over unusual colors, and switching out peculiar fixtures. They can include it in their budget and request a lesser price on your house because such chores might take a lot of time and money to be fixed.

If you wish to do anything novel, be sure it can be readily undone or reversed so that it may be subsequently sold for a higher price and not decrease the value of your property.

Find properties and investment opportunities to invest or buy very luxurious and spacious sophisticated apartments for an upgraded lifestyle.

Deserted Front/Back Yard

Presentation counts when selling real estate. Updating the outside of your home is an awesome method to increase the value of your property.

If your home has a front and rear yard, maintain it regularly to prevent a mess. Potential buyers will have a positive view of the house as a result and think it will be well-maintained as well.

Eliminate any surplus plants and flowers as another way to keep your front and backyard clutter-free. This will project a tidy and clean impression.

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The Neighborhood and Locality

Another important reason why your property value decreases is the very neighborhood and locality your property located.

Therefore, make sure to thoroughly investigate your dream home or new home’s neighborhood and locality to avoid facing problems in the future.

Check out the best neighborhoods for investment in Pakistan. Also, read our top 7 key features of a family-friendly neighborhood to understand the things to consider when looking for a new home in a new area.

Poor Exterior Décor

Genuine buyers’ or visitors’ initial perception of your home is solely made on its appearance (by its exterior décor).

Decide on your colors carefully if you intend to personalize your home with the intention of selling it for a profit in the future.

This is why you should invest in 18Gulberg because it has a very high resale market. Therefore, even if you invest or buy an apartment at 18Gulberg, you will get a higher profit when reselling it in near future.

Lack of Parking Area

Your home’s architectural design has a major influence on its worth. Many genuine purchasers eventually back out if your house lacks a dedicated parking area since it may be quite challenging to keep their car secure.

Therefore, always make sure to invest in or buy a property that has a designated parking area.

Final Thoughts

Well, all the above-mentioned factors were the common reasons and if you are interested in the more specific ones to find out the best investment opportunity be it residential or commercial, no worries leave us a message and our experts will get back to you with a tailored solution for you.

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