DHA Phase 8 Karachi, Pakistan


About H&S Residence

Welcome to H&S Residence, a coastal haven standing 39 stories tall along Karachi's vibrant shoreline. Inspired by the Japanese Nami design philosophy, our architecture reflects the fluidity of ocean waves. With a range of residences, from 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and duplexes, H&S offers seaside living at its finest against the Arabian Sea's backdrop.

As a gated community, H&S Residence blends urban luxury with top-tier security and sustainability, covering 42% of the project in greenery. Residents enjoy a private beach, a Grand Mosque, enticing promenades, and Infinity Pools. Nestled in the heart of DHA, H&S Residence invites you to experience modern coastal living, where 'homes for sale' and 'luxury homes' truly come to life in our beachfront haven. Explore our range of properties, from luxury homes to investment opportunities, and be part of the H&S community.


Design Concept

Designed By The Worlds Best Architecture Design Firm



H&S Properties believes in curating living spaces that transcend the ordinary, crafting experiences resonating with thoughtful design. In the pursuit of architects for our latest venture, H&S Residence, we sought a partner capable of turning our vision into reality with unparalleled expertise and creativity – the clear choice was Nikken Sekkei, the world’s best architecture design firm.

Established in 1900, Nikken Sekkei boasts a remarkable 100-year record, integral to Japan's architectural evolution amid economic shifts, post-war challenges, and the dynamic 1960s marked by modernization efforts. Nikken has designed marvels across the world from airports to hospitals to railway stations to master communities as part of city planning efforts. Nikken has delivered projects across the globe from Japan, Korea, China, The Phillipines, Saudi Arabia and The UAE to name a few.

As a global player, Nikken Sekkei's expertise in waterfront developments solidified, positioning them as the natural fit for H&S Residence – a commitment to innovative design, contemporary adaptation, and the creation of living spaces redefining luxury.

Choosing Nikken Sekkei was rooted in their mastery of waterfront developments, globally recognized for their expertise in designing on reclaimed land. This made them the ideal choice for H&S Residence, situated on reclaimed land in Karachi’s DHA Phase 8, demanding a partner capable of seamlessly blending architectural brilliance with environmental consciousness.

A Unique Design Philosophy


For H&S Residence, Nikken Sekkei applied unique Japanese design principles and came up with an ideology of NAMI– the graceful flow and movement inspired by ocean waves. Ingeniously woven into H&S Residence's exterior façade, this philosophy creates a structure mirroring the tranquil beauty of waves washing ashore. The Nami-inspired design isn't just architectural; it's a harmony of nature and luxury, a testament to our commitment to crafting a living masterpiece.

For interiors, Nikken Sekkei came up with the concept of "Shuichu“, a philosophy draws inspiration from the depths of the ocean. Every detail within H&S Residence is crafted to evoke the ocean's presence – from wavy ceilings inspired by coral reefs to furniture colors reflecting the sea's hues. The underwater expanse becomes a living part of your home, an immersive experience that simultaneously excites and calms.

By selecting Nikken Sekkei to design H&S Residence, we found architects who shared our passion for meticulous design. Every inch of H&S Residence's floor plan was meticulously scrutinized – from walkway dimensions to column sizes. This attention to detail ensures no space is redundant, reflecting our dedication to maximizing your living experience.

H&S Residence transcends being merely a structure; it's a symphony of architectural brilliance and natural harmony brought to life through the extraordinary collaboration between H&S Properties and Nikken Sekkei.



Whether you are an investor or an end user, H&S Residence is the ideal investment for your future. Located on prime real estate, H&S Residence is projected to appreciate offering high return on investment. Perfectly located at the edge of the great Arabian Sea in the luxurious gated community of HMR Waterfront H&S Residence stands tall, touching the sky and giving a new meaning to coastal living. This architectural marvel rises over 39 stories, offering breathtaking ocean views and setting a new standard of luxury with its exquisite apartments and unmatched amenities

Property Type

Branded Residential Complex


Under Development


1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences


H&S Residence offers an array of extraordinary amenities that redefine the meaning of a high-quality lifestyle. Whether you prefer swimming laps or simply lounging by the pool, getting an invigorating workout in our well-equipped gym, or seeking serenity in our steam room and sauna, our resort-style offerings transport you to a world of relaxation and escape. Live the dream of a spectacular seafront life, where each day unfurls with unparalleled joy.





















Location of H&S Residence

H&S Residence is located at the prime location of DHA, Phase 8, Karachi. Few coastal developments truly embrace the essence of beachfront living, but H&S Residence shatters the mould. This architectural marvel rises above the Arabian Sea, redefining the very notion of seaside luxury. With seamless access to urban conveniences, state-of-the-art amenities, and top-tier security, it's a sanctuary where tranquillity meets entertainment in a cutting-edge, contemporary fashion.


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